Is Camouflage essential?

In a world where there are more brands of camo than anything, you have Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak break up, Realtree, Realtree Ap, and Muddy Girl. I get why camo is necessary for this day in time. Personally myself I wear camo, but there are some people who may not like camo. But I recall seeing a hunting video from what looked like it was from the 80’s these old timers was hunting everything under the sun without camo, and they were killing deer and ducks among other animals, so is camo that essential?  Back in the days when our fathers and grandfathers hunted they didn’t have all these different brands of camo most never wore it they would go in and find a green or brown shirt and just go hunting. And if you’re wearing  Muddy Girl camo you are purple and camo if you can kill something in that, you can kill something in anything.


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