A day at the River

Today I was on the Tennessee River here in Alabama. The bass was running wild today and I caught five bass from fishing on the bank today. We were catching them with Nightcrawlers and Red worms.The river was beautiful with the sun shining with just the right amount of fluffy clouds and the trees in full bloom was absolutely a sight to see.


We had fished for five hours straight. Around noon they were biting like crazy but, as the day went on the bites slowed down. We had caught a total of ten fish and one turtle by the time we left. This one was caught about an hour in although, the picture makes it look smaller this one weighed about a pound and a half. DSCN3272.jpg

Even if we didn’t catch any fish the view on the river today would have made it all worth it. I had a lot of fun just fishing with my family today, with all the good times and laughter. Although, catching a few fish made the experience a little better.


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