Fight or Flight

Most people get intimidated and scared if they encounter an animal in woods. If you encountered a wild hog or snake in the woods, on the banks of the river, or even in your own backyard, what would your reaction be? The tusks on some boars can get up pretty big. They attack people when they feel threatened  And snakes are everywhere, even when you can’t see them, and their instinct, when threatened, is to bite. But, I don’t think that’s just animal nature it’s human nature too if something is in front you that is intimidating your first instinct is to kill it.hog

If a hog were charging at me with its tusk waving like it’s gonna bite me I would pop a bullet into it. But that is just my first instinct. Maybe it’s just as intimidated by you as you are of it. If a sow has piglets its first instinct is to protect the piglets against anything threatening them, sounds just like a human how many of you would do anything at any cost to protect your children? snake1

Burmese Python ( Photo courtesy by )

Now let’s be honest how many of you would either kill this or run from it? Snakes are very intimidated by movement, they don’t like sudden movements and will perform their defense mechanism if frightened or threatened. If this Burmese Python came toward you the first instinct you would have is to kill it on spot or run as fast as you can. Snakes can be terrifying trust me I know but, they do some good; they keep the population under control so disease doesn’t get spread around worse than it already is in animals. Certain types of non-venomous snakes will kill poisonous snakes. kingsnake

Speckled King Snake (photo courtesy by

This one is a speckled king snake it will eat any kind of poisonous snake. A lot of non-poisonous snakes are mistaken for venomous snakes so people kill them. Brush up on your knowledge of snakes so you don’t mistake a venomous snake for a non-venomous snake.The next time you pick up something to kill a snake think about the good they do versus the bad. They say animals are more afraid of you than you are of them, ( in my case I don’t know if that is possible). Just remember every living thing has a fight or flight reaction. But what if there was another reaction, a still reaction. Recently I was fishing at the river and a baby copperhead just like this one swam in front of me.copperhead

Copperhead ( Photo courtesy by

I was completely still and the little guy swam along the bank and down the river don’t get me wrong I was crying on the inside but, I knew this snake wouldn’t hurt me as long as I didn’t hurt him. I was taught to be respectful of snakes and other animals because they are equally afraid of me. Here in Alabama, actually the whole south, we are used to snakes we were taught from a young age the difference between a poisonous a snake and a non-poisonous snake.


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