April 27th 2011

April 27th was a devastating day for many of us. It didn’t only affect one or two states it affected all of the United States in one way or another. I recently read a book by Kim Cross that was amazing and the name of it was What Stands In A Storm. The book was about the people who endured the loss and pain not only of a house but of their children. Me and my family are some of the survivors of an F-5 tornado, for those of you who doesn’t know an F-5 tornado is the strongest category you can get it can level houses to nothing but the foundation alone, it can splinter a one-hundred-year-old tree in less than a minute. We were rather lucky there was many who lost their lives. Many don’t understand what a tornado can do to a person. Imagine the fear every time you hear a tornado siren or the instant flashback when you smell a pine tree. So many think how could I have gotten to safety quicker, here is how to get educated on how these storms work.They sometimes have online weather classes so you can learn how they work.

I took the advanced storm spotter class and it was the best decision of my life. It really helped with my fear and anxiety of storms. Before I took the classes every time it rained I was thrown in a sense of panic. Every time it thundered I would break down crying. Staying on top of these storms are the way I cope with what was happened to me and I can only hope it would help others too.


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