Alligators in North Alabama

The population of alligators is steadily growing. You can hunt alligators in some counties of Alabama. In north Alabama, it is illegal to hunt them But, there has been multiple sightings of these gators.The numerous Alligator sightings suggest the population is growing quite steadily, here is an article that was written by the first paragraph of the article reads ” The gators that you rarely hear about, but definitely still exist, are the ones living in north Alabama, along the Tennessee River. Biologists at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville say the toothy creatures are seen every now and then in both locations, usually in out-of-the-way spots where few people go.” So where is safe to fish, hunt, or hike? These alligators are just a little of what’s in my neck of the woods. I have had many people tell me about the alligators. On social media platforms, many of local people post pictures or videos of alligators in the Tennessee river, Wheeler, and Flint creek. In Flint creek, the alligators are very big in size and population. I don’t understand why they don’t expand alligator season to the rest of the state. The other day someone caught a picture of two alligators in different places one was at Flint creek and the other was in Limestone county. If you see two alligators in one day in two different counties it may be time to legalize it. If they even issued 50 randomly drawn tags it would help the population get more under control.


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