Florida’s invasive reptilian species

South Florida is being invaded by a terror called Tegu. There are three types of Tegu: the Argentine black and white Tegu, the gold Tegu, And the red Tegu. A male Tegu can exceed four feet long while a female only gets around three feet long so whats the big problem? Tegus eat animal eggs. Therefore, if enough Tegus populated it could mean the downfall of birds, crocodiles, alligators, and turtles in South Florida. tegu                                                                                                                                                                                    Black and White Tegu ( Photo courtesy by FloridaHikes )

Apparently, people buy these little terrors as pets and when they realize these things get over four feet long is when they dump them in the Everglades. This is what really makes me mad, people buy pets, and after awhile they get tired of them and dump them. If you get a pet it is your responsibility to take care of it. People need to research the animal before they buy it so they can be prepared on what to expect as far as how large they reach at maturity, and their ability to take care of it. As the population of Tegus increases, the reptilian population is gonna slowly dwindle in South Florida. What happens when they migrate? Eventually it’s gonna happen, and then other states are gonna have Tegus running wild. Like the Tegu, Burmese pythons are being dumped in the glades as well. snake6.JPG Burmese Python ( Photo courtesy by evergladescisma.org )

According to nps.gov ” Burmese pythons have been found to feed on a wide variety of mammals and birds in the Everglades — even the occasional alligator!”. Wow! Alligators really have the odds stacked against them. These pythons can get over twenty feet long. I have no doubts that a twenty-foot long python could eat an alligator. If I saw a python eating an alligator. I believe it would be time for me to pack up and go home. And they said a four-foot lizard was too much to handle. Kind of makes me glad Alabama has your run-of-the-mill poisonous snakes. These snakes aren’t only larger but they weigh more than I do. This brings us to our next invasive subject Nile crocodiles. Although, there is a small population these things can get big.nile croc

Nile Crocodile ( Photo courtesy by Cnn  )

Although this picture was taken in France, this gives you an idea of how big they can really get. According to National Geographic ” The second largest living crocodilian, the Nile can reach 20 feet (six meters) in length and take down everything from hippos to humans. It has a reputation in its native Africa for being a man-eater—and statistics support that.” I think out of the three I would take the Tegu. They are the one thing that can’t crush a human. I believe this one is the worst, it can take down a hippo! You guys are total troopers if I saw any of these. I would be scared especially of the overgrown night-crawler you guys call a Burmese Python.


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