Sincerely from The South

Many people see us Southerners as the inferior part of the United States. The South is home to many different cultures. Some of us have Cajun roots, some have Native American roots, some are Irish, British, Hispanic, African American, and French, the list goes on and on. One of the many things that I admire about New Orleans is that they have taken all of these roots and made a culture of their own. What people fail to realize is we are all neighbors, but we are so different in our own way. But when tragedy strikes one of us those differences disappear. How are we different? To some of you, we all think and sound the same. When one bad apple gets out of line and does something completely idiotic not only is that one person blamed but it gets taken out on the whole south. For instance if someone gets shot in let’s just say Mississippi everyone is like, if those southerners didn’t have firearms, this wouldn’t happen. Guns don’t kill if you take away guns people are gonna find other ways to kill each other. There are knives what are you gonna do force everyone to have butter knives. Kind of like last night someone was involved in a possible ax murder. What are you gonna do take away axes? People need something to blame, and unfortunately, firearms are on that list. Another thing I admire about New Orleans is they celebrate someone’s life. In Alabama, there is a visitation, a funeral, and then the burial. In Georgia, they eat at funerals. Even the way we deal with death is different. But it’s up to you to carry that person with you keep them alive in your heart. These small differences are what makes us the same. We all love, and we all grieve.


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