Stand With England

Do you remember the day you lost your innocence? Do you remember the first time you turned on the tv and saw an attack? Do you remember when you found out that the world can be such a cruel place full of violence and destruction?  Last month an attack was made in Manchester, and tonight two attacks were made in London. One on London Bridge and one in Borough market the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market was terrorist attacks. In Manchester, it was a bomb, and in London, it was people trying to stab other people. How many people has to die because of these rogue attacks? How many people has to lose their loved ones? These terrorists just come into any country that they please and kill whomever because it’s convenient for them. So many people experience the pain of loss.  And it is not just those affected in the area, it’s the entire world that feels the pain as well. The pain of losing a sibling, a parent, a child, or even a friend. The will terrorist break you down, and when you start to pick up again, they will break you again. They break your family, they break your heart, they break your spirit. But the one thing they cannot break is your hope. Hope that one day this world will get better. Hope that all the pain, terror, and destruction will stop. Because what makes us human is hope and compassion. If you don’t have either of those, you don’t have anything. So keep fighting England, myself and the whole world is behind you.


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