North Korea

Will either country back down from this insanity?  Earlier this week Donald Trump said in a statement that North Korea would be met with “fire and fury. ” After North Korea said once again that they would attack. I think they should ban all nukes no country should have that much power over the other. Sure you would get your point across but what about all the innocents that would be caught in the crossfire? Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un has such inflated egos neither country wants to back down first. What neither party realizes the ramifications of their actions their egos could put all citizens of not only the United States but North Korea in jeopardy as well.  You have China who said in a newspaper if “North Korea strikes first they will not back them” and if the United States strikes first China would back North Korea.  China has the biggest army in all of the world, and with North Korea’s Nuclear power as well as China’s the United states would have their hands full. Not only that Guam would be the first country to have met Korea’s fury the amount of American’s at Guam are high. The United States military already has military helicopters in Guam in preparations of North Korea attacking.  Everyone is in wait mode right now waiting for either party to make the first move. The question is who will strike first?