North Korea

Will either country back down from this insanity?  Earlier this week Donald Trump said in a statement that North Korea would be met with “fire and fury. ” After North Korea said once again that they would attack. I think they should ban all nukes no country should have that much power over the other. Sure you would get your point across but what about all the innocents that would be caught in the crossfire? Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un has such inflated egos neither country wants to back down first. What neither party realizes the ramifications of their actions their egos could put all citizens of not only the United States but North Korea in jeopardy as well.  You have China who said in a newspaper if “North Korea strikes first they will not back them” and if the United States strikes first China would back North Korea.  China has the biggest army in all of the world, and with North Korea’s Nuclear power as well as China’s the United states would have their hands full. Not only that Guam would be the first country to have met Korea’s fury the amount of American’s at Guam are high. The United States military already has military helicopters in Guam in preparations of North Korea attacking.  Everyone is in wait mode right now waiting for either party to make the first move. The question is who will strike first?


Stand With England

Do you remember the day you lost your innocence? Do you remember the first time you turned on the tv and saw an attack? Do you remember when you found out that the world can be such a cruel place full of violence and destruction?  Last month an attack was made in Manchester, and tonight two attacks were made in London. One on London Bridge and one in Borough market the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market was terrorist attacks. In Manchester, it was a bomb, and in London, it was people trying to stab other people. How many people has to die because of these rogue attacks? How many people has to lose their loved ones? These terrorists just come into any country that they please and kill whomever because it’s convenient for them. So many people experience the pain of loss.  And it is not just those affected in the area, it’s the entire world that feels the pain as well. The pain of losing a sibling, a parent, a child, or even a friend. The will terrorist break you down, and when you start to pick up again, they will break you again. They break your family, they break your heart, they break your spirit. But the one thing they cannot break is your hope. Hope that one day this world will get better. Hope that all the pain, terror, and destruction will stop. Because what makes us human is hope and compassion. If you don’t have either of those, you don’t have anything. So keep fighting England, myself and the whole world is behind you.

Sincerely from The South

Many people see us Southerners as the inferior part of the United States. The South is home to many different cultures. Some of us have Cajun roots, some have Native American roots, some are Irish, British, Hispanic, African American, and French, the list goes on and on. One of the many things that I admire about New Orleans is that they have taken all of these roots and made a culture of their own. What people fail to realize is we are all neighbors, but we are so different in our own way. But when tragedy strikes one of us those differences disappear. How are we different? To some of you, we all think and sound the same. When one bad apple gets out of line and does something completely idiotic not only is that one person blamed but it gets taken out on the whole south. For instance if someone gets shot in let’s just say Mississippi everyone is like, if those southerners didn’t have firearms, this wouldn’t happen. Guns don’t kill if you take away guns people are gonna find other ways to kill each other. There are knives what are you gonna do force everyone to have butter knives. Kind of like last night someone was involved in a possible ax murder. What are you gonna do take away axes? People need something to blame, and unfortunately, firearms are on that list. Another thing I admire about New Orleans is they celebrate someone’s life. In Alabama, there is a visitation, a funeral, and then the burial. In Georgia, they eat at funerals. Even the way we deal with death is different. But it’s up to you to carry that person with you keep them alive in your heart. These small differences are what makes us the same. We all love, and we all grieve.

Florida’s invasive reptilian species

South Florida is being invaded by a terror called Tegu. There are three types of Tegu: the Argentine black and white Tegu, the gold Tegu, And the red Tegu. A male Tegu can exceed four feet long while a female only gets around three feet long so whats the big problem? Tegus eat animal eggs. Therefore, if enough Tegus populated it could mean the downfall of birds, crocodiles, alligators, and turtles in South Florida. tegu                                                                                                                                                                                    Black and White Tegu ( Photo courtesy by FloridaHikes )

Apparently, people buy these little terrors as pets and when they realize these things get over four feet long is when they dump them in the Everglades. This is what really makes me mad, people buy pets, and after awhile they get tired of them and dump them. If you get a pet it is your responsibility to take care of it. People need to research the animal before they buy it so they can be prepared on what to expect as far as how large they reach at maturity, and their ability to take care of it. As the population of Tegus increases, the reptilian population is gonna slowly dwindle in South Florida. What happens when they migrate? Eventually it’s gonna happen, and then other states are gonna have Tegus running wild. Like the Tegu, Burmese pythons are being dumped in the glades as well. snake6.JPG Burmese Python ( Photo courtesy by )

According to ” Burmese pythons have been found to feed on a wide variety of mammals and birds in the Everglades — even the occasional alligator!”. Wow! Alligators really have the odds stacked against them. These pythons can get over twenty feet long. I have no doubts that a twenty-foot long python could eat an alligator. If I saw a python eating an alligator. I believe it would be time for me to pack up and go home. And they said a four-foot lizard was too much to handle. Kind of makes me glad Alabama has your run-of-the-mill poisonous snakes. These snakes aren’t only larger but they weigh more than I do. This brings us to our next invasive subject Nile crocodiles. Although, there is a small population these things can get big.nile croc

Nile Crocodile ( Photo courtesy by Cnn  )

Although this picture was taken in France, this gives you an idea of how big they can really get. According to National Geographic ” The second largest living crocodilian, the Nile can reach 20 feet (six meters) in length and take down everything from hippos to humans. It has a reputation in its native Africa for being a man-eater—and statistics support that.” I think out of the three I would take the Tegu. They are the one thing that can’t crush a human. I believe this one is the worst, it can take down a hippo! You guys are total troopers if I saw any of these. I would be scared especially of the overgrown night-crawler you guys call a Burmese Python.

Alligators in North Alabama

The population of alligators is steadily growing. You can hunt alligators in some counties of Alabama. In north Alabama, it is illegal to hunt them But, there has been multiple sightings of these gators.The numerous Alligator sightings suggest the population is growing quite steadily, here is an article that was written by the first paragraph of the article reads ” The gators that you rarely hear about, but definitely still exist, are the ones living in north Alabama, along the Tennessee River. Biologists at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville say the toothy creatures are seen every now and then in both locations, usually in out-of-the-way spots where few people go.” So where is safe to fish, hunt, or hike? These alligators are just a little of what’s in my neck of the woods. I have had many people tell me about the alligators. On social media platforms, many of local people post pictures or videos of alligators in the Tennessee river, Wheeler, and Flint creek. In Flint creek, the alligators are very big in size and population. I don’t understand why they don’t expand alligator season to the rest of the state. The other day someone caught a picture of two alligators in different places one was at Flint creek and the other was in Limestone county. If you see two alligators in one day in two different counties it may be time to legalize it. If they even issued 50 randomly drawn tags it would help the population get more under control.

April 27th 2011

April 27th was a devastating day for many of us. It didn’t only affect one or two states it affected all of the United States in one way or another. I recently read a book by Kim Cross that was amazing and the name of it was What Stands In A Storm. The book was about the people who endured the loss and pain not only of a house but of their children. Me and my family are some of the survivors of an F-5 tornado, for those of you who doesn’t know an F-5 tornado is the strongest category you can get it can level houses to nothing but the foundation alone, it can splinter a one-hundred-year-old tree in less than a minute. We were rather lucky there was many who lost their lives. Many don’t understand what a tornado can do to a person. Imagine the fear every time you hear a tornado siren or the instant flashback when you smell a pine tree. So many think how could I have gotten to safety quicker, here is how to get educated on how these storms work.They sometimes have online weather classes so you can learn how they work.

I took the advanced storm spotter class and it was the best decision of my life. It really helped with my fear and anxiety of storms. Before I took the classes every time it rained I was thrown in a sense of panic. Every time it thundered I would break down crying. Staying on top of these storms are the way I cope with what was happened to me and I can only hope it would help others too.

Fight or Flight

Most people get intimidated and scared if they encounter an animal in woods. If you encountered a wild hog or snake in the woods, on the banks of the river, or even in your own backyard, what would your reaction be? The tusks on some boars can get up pretty big. They attack people when they feel threatened  And snakes are everywhere, even when you can’t see them, and their instinct, when threatened, is to bite. But, I don’t think that’s just animal nature it’s human nature too if something is in front you that is intimidating your first instinct is to kill it.hog

If a hog were charging at me with its tusk waving like it’s gonna bite me I would pop a bullet into it. But that is just my first instinct. Maybe it’s just as intimidated by you as you are of it. If a sow has piglets its first instinct is to protect the piglets against anything threatening them, sounds just like a human how many of you would do anything at any cost to protect your children? snake1

Burmese Python ( Photo courtesy by )

Now let’s be honest how many of you would either kill this or run from it? Snakes are very intimidated by movement, they don’t like sudden movements and will perform their defense mechanism if frightened or threatened. If this Burmese Python came toward you the first instinct you would have is to kill it on spot or run as fast as you can. Snakes can be terrifying trust me I know but, they do some good; they keep the population under control so disease doesn’t get spread around worse than it already is in animals. Certain types of non-venomous snakes will kill poisonous snakes. kingsnake

Speckled King Snake (photo courtesy by

This one is a speckled king snake it will eat any kind of poisonous snake. A lot of non-poisonous snakes are mistaken for venomous snakes so people kill them. Brush up on your knowledge of snakes so you don’t mistake a venomous snake for a non-venomous snake.The next time you pick up something to kill a snake think about the good they do versus the bad. They say animals are more afraid of you than you are of them, ( in my case I don’t know if that is possible). Just remember every living thing has a fight or flight reaction. But what if there was another reaction, a still reaction. Recently I was fishing at the river and a baby copperhead just like this one swam in front of me.copperhead

Copperhead ( Photo courtesy by

I was completely still and the little guy swam along the bank and down the river don’t get me wrong I was crying on the inside but, I knew this snake wouldn’t hurt me as long as I didn’t hurt him. I was taught to be respectful of snakes and other animals because they are equally afraid of me. Here in Alabama, actually the whole south, we are used to snakes we were taught from a young age the difference between a poisonous a snake and a non-poisonous snake.

A day at the River

Today I was on the Tennessee River here in Alabama. The bass was running wild today and I caught five bass from fishing on the bank today. We were catching them with Nightcrawlers and Red worms.The river was beautiful with the sun shining with just the right amount of fluffy clouds and the trees in full bloom was absolutely a sight to see.


We had fished for five hours straight. Around noon they were biting like crazy but, as the day went on the bites slowed down. We had caught a total of ten fish and one turtle by the time we left. This one was caught about an hour in although, the picture makes it look smaller this one weighed about a pound and a half. DSCN3272.jpg

Even if we didn’t catch any fish the view on the river today would have made it all worth it. I had a lot of fun just fishing with my family today, with all the good times and laughter. Although, catching a few fish made the experience a little better.

Is Camouflage essential?

In a world where there are more brands of camo than anything, you have Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak break up, Realtree, Realtree Ap, and Muddy Girl. I get why camo is necessary for this day in time. Personally myself I wear camo, but there are some people who may not like camo. But I recall seeing a hunting video from what looked like it was from the 80’s these old timers was hunting everything under the sun without camo, and they were killing deer and ducks among other animals, so is camo that essential?  Back in the days when our fathers and grandfathers hunted they didn’t have all these different brands of camo most never wore it they would go in and find a green or brown shirt and just go hunting. And if you’re wearing  Muddy Girl camo you are purple and camo if you can kill something in that, you can kill something in anything.

Welcome to Backwoods Blogger girl

Hello, I am the Backwoods Blogger girl. My blog will be about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. All of us outdoor enthusiast need a place to go that has a little bit of everything. Where you don’t have to go to a million of other sites to read about hunting or fishing or just cool places to go. So welcome to my blog and enjoy!